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Who We Are

The Religious and Spiritual Life at USF is an organization of religious professionals who have come together from a wide variety of religious traditions to serve the student body at USF. Each organization commits to a set of guidelines that serve to protect the students at USF and facilitate their spiritual development. The RSL shall be a forum for the sharing of information and viewpoints helpful for the common task of the spiritual development of students at USF. As such, it shall serve as an official point of contact between the campus religious communities and the Division of Student Affairs.

The RSL’s commitment to the students at USF:

• We recognize your right to practice your faith according to the dictates of your conscience.

• We recognize your right to be informed about your faith in a spirit that is free from pressure, coercion or manipulation.

• We recognize your right to say “no” to unwanted or intrusive proselytism and religious hard-sell.

• We recognize your right to privacy – therefore, we will not visit you without your permission.

• We recognize your right to know what religious organization you are dealing with upfront with no hidden agendas or secret affiliations.

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

Nathan Schneider, Area Director

Phone: (813) 988-6487; Fax: 988-0499

Email: usfbcm@usfbcm.com

Website: www.usfbcm.com

USF BCM is a community with a purpose. A place where college students come together to ask questions, explore who Jesus Christ is and search for something bigger than themselves…something that’s beyond their busy worlds of homework, stress, work and ideas of success. From our weekly worship experience, to intramurals, to trips that take you halfway around the world, we are a passionate community that journeys through life together. Check out our website, www.usfbcm.com, for more information, a schedule of events (we meet every Thursday at 8pm), news and pictures or stop by and say hi in person. We hope to meet you soon!

Bhakti Yoga Society

Randy Meier (Ramiya) and Pam Meier (Ananta)

Phone: (941) 677-2624



Bhakti Yoga Society is here at USF to help students achieve a balance during their busy student schedule. Through Yoga and Mantra meditation one can rise above stress, anxiety and other challenges and achieve an inner connection with the atma or one’s spiritual self. Vegetarian life style which is a principle of yoga, can create a balanced peace within oneself as well as externally. We learn how through meditation and yoga to connect our consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness known as Krishna and as described in the ancient Sanskrit text, “Bhagavad Gita As It Is.” We have weekly meetings on Thursday evenings in Marshall Student Center. Every semester we also put on a kirtan concert in Marshall which is a very pleasant form of mystical musical meditation that everyone loves. Everyone is welcome. Find us on Facebook to see the current schedule or send us an email. Bhakti Yoga Society is a division of the world-wide organization ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) or Hare Krishna. soon!

Catholic Student Center

Rev. Justin Paskert, Campus Minister

Phone: (813) 988-3727

Email: frjpaskert@catholicusf.org

Website: www.catholicusf.org

The Catholic Student Center serves the students of USF with the assistance of a permanent community consisting of USF faculty, staff, alumni, and others in the area. We provide sacramental life, pastoral care, religious education, and a home to the Catholic Student Union. Sunday Masses: Sat. 5pm, Sun. 10am, 7pm. Catholic Bulls Night: Wed. 8pm

Chabad on Campus Jewish Student Center

Rabbi Pinny Backman, Executive Director

4506 Sweetwater Lake Drive, Tampa, FL 33613


Email: rabbipinny@gmail.com

Website: www.usfchabad.com

Chabad at USF is a home away from home for all Jewish students at the USF campus. Chabad’s goal is to create a place where every Jewish student from any background or affiliation, feels welcome and accepted. Come join us for our many different programs that we provide including Free Homemade Shabbat meals with the best Challah in town every Friday night, Womens events, Social events, Holiday programs, Classes, One on One learning, Weekly Chillin’ and Grillin’ with the Rabbi, Annual NY conferences, Free Birthright trips to Israel and much more. Chabad at USF is an affiliate with Chabad on campus international, one of the largest Jewish campus organizations nationally and internationally.

John and Kerri Schneider
Email: John.Schneider@cru.org
Email: Kerri.Schneider@cru.org
Websites: www.CruatUSF.com,

We're no ordinary club. We're a network of students and staff on thousands of college campuses in the US and around the world-- a global movement for the world's culturally diverse students. We engage in facilitating spiritual awareness on campus by introducing students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by providing them with opportunities to grow in their relationship, and by, together, reaching out to others with God's love. We offer community group Bible studies, weekly meetings, social events, retreats, conferences, and summer mission trips all over the world. Please email us or check out our website for more information.

St. Anselm’s Episcopal Chapel Center

The Rev. Adrienne Hymes, Chaplain and Director

12849 USF Sycamore Drive, Tampa, FL 33620

Phone: 813-988-1185

E-mail: ahymes@episcopalswfl.org


Website: www.usfchapelcenter.org

Empowered by the love of Jesus Christ for ALL, St. Anselm’s Episcopal Chapel Center welcomes YOU! We are committed to nurturing the spiritual formation and wholeness of individuals through the proclaimed and embodied Gospel. Whoever you are, and wherever you are on your journey, you’re invited to join us for weekly worship in the rich, ancient Episcopal-Anglican tradition in our beautiful chapel, Bible Study/Christian Education and community fellowship with meals on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. We offer a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of the library—free WiFi and refreshments in a peaceful and inviting space. Our clinically-trained chaplain is available for pastoral care support, including hospital visits, by appointment. Come and worship. Come and fellowship. Come and serve. Come and lead. Come and refresh. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for special events and service in the community!

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Phone: 813-760-9015
Email: chialphausf@gmail.com
Website: www.chialphausf.com
National Website: www.chialpha.com

Join us for "Thursday Night Worship” 8 PM in the Marshall Student Center. We also offer small group bible studies, retreats, conferences, and service/missions projects to get involved with. Please connect with us through our website for more information.

Cornerstone Student Fellowship

Pete Saucedo, Campus Advisor

Email: peteanderin1@gmail.com

Website: www.cornerstonetampa.org

We are a student organization whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for Christ- centered fellowship. Events include parties, sports days and community service.

Hillel Jewish Student Center
Rabbi Ed Rosenthal, Executive Director/Campus Rabbi
Linda Wolf, Assistant Director
Anat Valdman, Program Director
Phone: (813) 899-2788
Website: www.usfhillel.org

The USF Hillel Jewish Student Center provides programs and meaningful experiences for the nearly 2,000 Jewish students at the University of South Florida. The mission of Hillel is to engage and empower Jewish College students through educational, social, cultural, religious, Tzedek, Israel and leadership opportunities. Hillel provides programs and opportunities that are designed to strengthen the student’s Jewish identity and to prepare them to become leaders in the Jewish community. Some of the programs offered by USF Hillel include free trips to Israel with Taglit-Birthright Israel, weekly bagel brunches (every Sunday 11 am - 1 pm), Shabbat and holiday observances and a regular calendar of social, educational, and Tzedek events. All students, regardless of background or affiliation, are welcome to be a part of Hillel’s programs.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Adriana Abuchar

Email: adriana.ivcf@gmail.com


Website: www.ivusf.com instagram: @intervarsityusf

We are a Jesus-Centered movement of missional communities reaching every Corner of USF, growing in love for God, love for each other, while pursuing the lost. If you’re looking for a safe place to explore who God is, we have over a dozen small groups all across campus and Common Ground on every Thursday to gather a large group of students to hang-out, worship together, be challenged by Gods Word, pray and grow as a community. We also offer missions, conferences, inner-city tutoring, leadership development and prayer.

The Navigators @ USF

Andrew Duran, Campus Director

Phone: (850) 212 0240

Email: usfnavs@gmail.com

Website: www.usfnavs.com

The Navigators are a non-denominational community of students who are seeking to grow in their relationship with God and impact the world around them. Our desire is to love God, love people, and make a difference in the lives of others. If you’re looking for a place where you can grow in your relationship with Jesus, develop deep and genuine friendships, grow as a leader, and be encouraged on your spiritual journey, then you’ve found the right place. We have our large group meetings on Wednesday night where you can worship, hear relevant messages from the Word, and meet new friends. We also have weekly small group Bible studies, an awesome freshmen ministry, socials, retreats, service projects, and leadership development, one on one mentoring, road trips, summer mission trips, and more. Check our website for more details.

Reformed University Fellowship

Rev. Andrew Newman, Campus Minister

Phone: (336) 317-4433

Email: andrew.newman@ruf.org

Website: www.usf.ruf.org

RUF is a Christian campus ministry providing opportunities to learn what the Bible teaches and put it into practice in your everyday life. In RUF, we want to emphasize the importance of both doctrine and life. This means that the gospel must be understood if it's to be lived, and also lived to be truly understood. RUF exists to reach USF for Christ and to equip students to serve Christ in their daily lives. RUF is a place where you can come with your questions and doubts, find fellowship with others, and grow in your knowledge of who God is, how He works in your life, and how His Gospel impacts every area of life. Regardless of your understanding of God or Christianity, RUF is a place where it's truly okay to be 'in process'. Join us for in-depth and relevant biblical teaching, small group Bible studies, worldview discussions, mission trips, socials and more.

Wesley Foundation at USF
Erik Seise, Director/Pastor
Phone: (813) 985-4057
Email: erik@wesleyusf.com

Wesley is a ministry of the United Methodist Church. Our desire is that every student experience community, maturity and impact during their college experience. We strive to build this intentional community and give leadership opportunities that will change lives.

We offer a Tuesday Community Night at 6pm and a Wednesday Night Worship Service at 7pm. Our Wednesday service will be open to all, but is geared to young adults and college students who don’t have church homes and are looking for passionate worship. Our Tuesday Night Dinners will include a free dinner and small groups.

We often host many events for students on and off our property, including serving with other local mission organizations.

At Wesley, everyone is welcome! Find us on Facebook( Wesley at USF), Twitter (Wesley at USF) or visit www.wesleyusf.com for more information.

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